Top 10 Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010

Xbox Live Indie Games exploded in 2010 with over 850 new titles added to the service. After spending countless hours playing through the best titles that the service has to offer here is a breakdown of the top 10 Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010.
Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #10: Shoot 1Up
Vertical scrolling shooters have been around since the early days of arcades, but Shoot 1Ups use of extra lives is quite unique. As you earn extra lives they get added to the game immediately increasing your ship count and fire power. Controlling all the ships at once makes maneuvering challenging but the extra firepower offsets this added difficulty.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #9: Treasure Treasure FFEE
Cooperative platformers rarely have such a well-designed split-screen setup. In Treasure Treasure FFEE you and a partner work through the game collecting treasures. When you move out of view of your teammate the game automatically splits the screen based on your positioning. The retro look hides a deep game with solid controls.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #8:Lumi
It is easy to see why Lumi won the Dream Build Play competition in 2010. Not only is it gorgeous, but there is a deep and challenging action puzzle mechanic that is a lot of fun to play. The difficulty curve is steep but rewarding for gamers stick with it.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #7: Abaddon: Retribution
The way action and strategy are melded together in Abaddon: Retribution make an exceptional shooter. You can play either as a twin-stick shooter or a tower defense game based on how you apply your upgrades. With support for 8 player co-op or verses matches over Xbox Live and the ability to build your ship to fit any play style or strategy the depth of available tactics is quite impressive.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #6: Epic Dungeon
Dungeon crawling gets a retro throwback with Epic Dungeon. The core mechanics are simple but work smoothly. As you work through the 50 level dungeon there are no extra lives which make things tense as any mistake sends you back to the start to create a new character and try again.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #5: Breath of Death VII
Few parodies have the depth of game play that Breath of Death VII does. Playing a role playing game as a skeleton instead of normal hero is just the start of the humor that continues throughout the whole game. The turn based combat gives you a lot of option with attacks, spells and combos. As you build your party and work through the campaign there are dozens of upgrades and equipment option to keep things fresh.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #4: Radiangames Inferno
Twin stick shooters are nothing new to Xbox Live Indie Games, and yet Radiangames Inferno finds ways to build on the genre with a customizable upgrade system and a New Game + mode. The controls are extremely fluid and precise. While the graphics are clean and polished with great contrast for spotting enemies.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #3: Decimation X3
We have come a long way from Space Invaders in the fixed cabinet shooter class of games. Decimation X3 intensifies the action with numerous power-ups, bosses, and tons of firepower. Playing solo or cooperatively starts of simply enough, but quickly the pace increases to be quite frantic as you dodge incoming fire while clearing waves of enemies.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #2: Soulcaster II
Mixing tower defense style strategy with an action role playing game requires balance. Soulcaster II has found that and more. The retro inspired graphics and soundtrack fit perfectly with the game play. You are going to need to be thinking clearly and tactically to complete each level but doing so it quite fulfilling.

Top Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 – #1: Radiangames Crossfire 2
Crossfire 2 from Radiangames tops the list in 2010 because of the way in brings an upgrade mechanic to an already great game play style. In addition to a massive 60 level campaign there is also a score based challenge mode to complete against your friend’s scores in. The level progression and enemies keep getting more challenging without becoming frustrating. Like other Radiangames titles the graphics and controls are spot on.

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