Search Engine Techniques

By using a few barely used search tips you can increase the accuracy of obtaining the information you are actually trying to find through a search engine. Some of the following techniques may not work on every search engine because search engines all use their own unique “Search operators” – these are symbols or words that the engine will use for advanced searching options. Many of today’s engines have advanced search features that make it easier, but a simple search is still likely to produce many undesirable sites.
The best way to improve the quality of your search results is to specify an “Inclusion Operator”. The most common of these is the (plus) + symbol. using this is in your searches will define keywords. If you are searching for something very specific, which is what most search engines are used for, this can make a big impact on the results you are shown. The next would be the (minus) – sign. This sign will discard extra result that may include extra words you may not want.

For example, If you wanted to search for a used car, you could search “used+car”. As we all know this is likely pull up a ton of used car dealerships. But maybe you are looking for a used car for sale by owner. By searching “used+car-dealership” you would be able to discard any search result that included the term dealership. Maybe the best way to find exactly what your looking for is to use quatation marks for a phrase such as “Used cars for sale by owner” This would bring up only search results that include those exact terms in the result.

Using these simple techniques can help cut the fat from any search, and cut down on having to search your results to actually find what you wanted to find to begin with.

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