Knowing the Basics of Building the City

The game of SimCity BuildIt is a fun game that has its own twists and turns, adding to the fun. You get a chance to build an entire city, with creative plans and design. If you are a beginner, you will have to get the feel of the game, before you become a proficient mayor. But by learning more about the game, you can make a good start. Having a good start is necessary, as it helps to avoid a lot of delays and bulldozing of buildings. By planning well, the city will be ready for expansion, which is what the entire game is about. As a beginner, it is best if you go through a few tricks of the trade and learn to build a good city easily. The Sims city has a residential zone, an industrial zone and a commercial zone. You will require Simoleons cash to make any purchase in the city.

Building the City in Steps

  1. You have to build residential areas. These areas will have to be developed to increase the population level by providing various facilities for the Sims living in the city.
  2. The entire game requires currencies to spend in building up the city from scratch. The main currency required to play the game is the Simoleons. You can buy all types of things required for the city, with these Simoleons. The green cash or the Simbucks is a replacement for actual money. You can win achievements with these. The Golden Keys are special currencies that can be used, to buy unique buildings.
  3. When you start building a city, you will get a few currencies in your bank account, with which you can create your residential plot. Once you start creating your residential area, you will get a specific plan through a bubble. This bubble has the resources, to upgrade your residential plot.
  4. As you continue with the game and upgrade your residential plot, you will start gaining points, which are called as XP or experience points. When you collect a particular number of points, you will move on to the next level of the game. With each level, you get new resources, new production techniques, new buildings and scope for more improvements.
  5. Once you start building the city, you will require factories to produce resource materials. You will also require stores in the city, for the Sim citizens to use.
  6. The Sim citizens of the city, show their pleasure, when they are pleased with the city. They are usually pleased if the city is kept clean and they have good job opportunities. They also show their pleasure, when they have various utilities such as hospital, school, park, police station and other such facilities, in their neighborhood.
  7. The city should be well planned, so that the traffic moves without getting stagnated. The Sims should be provided all facilities of being able to travel freely, so that they can go to work, without any difficulty and send their children to school. With medical facilities and ambulance and fire services available, they are happy with the city.
  8. The Sims can speak through speech bubbles. If you touch these bubbles you can gain some special items. If the Sim citizens are happy with the city, they are willing to stay in the city. If they stay in the city, they will pay taxes and this is the revenue on which the city runs on.
  9. As a mayor, you should have a well-developed city, to have a good population of Sims, who are happy and contented with the city and are willing to pay taxes, to help in developing a better city, with better facilities.

10. As a mayor, you have to spend a lot on the city, to provide the citizens with all the required utilities and comforts of a city. The main source of income is through taxes that the citizens pay. But a city cannot be built only through the tax received. Another method of generating currency is through the online generator. You can generate any required number of Simoleons, SimCash and Golden Keys to continue to play the SimCity BuildIt game. You have to provide your username and the number of resources that you require. After providing these details, you can tap on the generate button and watch the magic in action as you see the Simoleons flow through. Using the SimCity BuildIt hack helps in playing the game easily with any number of currencies generated.

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