Best things about 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

The 8 Ball Pool game is full of exciting things that will come by when you precede the game. For beginners and professionals alike, the game has everything for everyone. As per ones need, the game provides them with the requirement. Therefore, we have brought together few of the best things that make 8 Ball Pool what it is.


We all love playing games online, however, we prefer to have an animated face or an avatar that suits us on the account display picture. The 8 Ball Pool game has a long list of avatars that players can choose from that will portray their characters in the game.


The 8 Ball Pool game has a lot of gifts and rewards for the players. Each player gets a daily spin and wins gifts from it, or you can get them for free by using an 8 ball pool hack. They are also provided with coins upon watching videos online as stated by the game.

Pool Cash

Upon leveling up, the 8 Ball Pool game provides pool cash to the players. This pool cash can be used to purchase rare items like cue sticks, avatars, boosters, etc. It is an effective way to make transactions in the game.


Not every game has the option to make customized settings. On the other hand, the 8 Ball Pool few customization options one can use to modify their settings in the game. This helps a player in a lot of ways when it comes to display.

Play with friends

The best part about the 8 Ball Pool game is you can play the game with your best friend, neighbor, and foe, whoever that pleases you. All you need to do is, send an invite to them and they will need to accept the challenge to play it with you (against you, as an opponent).

Cue sticks

The highlighting part of the 8 Ball Pool game is the range of cue sticks. You will not have to play with one single, boring color stick. Nor do you have to choose from a few. For, in this game, you can choose from the many sticks that are available to us.

All In

Apart from all the city games, both of the lower tier and the higher tier, there is a game called ‘ALL IN’. In this game, you can bet the maximum amount of what you have or maybe a liable section of your coins and upon winning; you get double the amount of what you bet.

These were the subtle highlights of the game. All you need to do is play and learn from everyone. Watch the shots made, use it and brush your own skills. The game is open and has nothing to hide. This makes it easier for players to play the game. Its time you get the game and start your pool session.

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